Installing Ceramic Tile - Fast Answers

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The Shortcut To Bathroom Floor Tile Installation

Are you planning a new look for your bath and shower? If that includes bathroom floor tile, you can surely improve the look and feel of your bath. Planning for tile installing includes selecting the tile, designing the look, as well as the actual tile installation. This is a great project that you may well choose to do yourself.

Choosing The Tile

There are so many types and sizes of tile. The choices are bewildering. But remember you have three basic types of bathroom tile choices to make. First are the field tiles. That's a way to describe the larger tiles that cover most of the area. Popular today are the large 12x12 ceramic tiles. Secondly you have accent tiles. These are special tiles that are set in at intervals to give extra interest to the finished look. Finally you have the trim pieces. These are the border tiles or the edge tiles. These pieces are usually narrower and smaller than the field tiles.

Design the Look

Be creative with the design. There's nothing wrong with laying a tile floor with all the same color and size tile. But you aren't limited to that look. Why not incorporate a pattern in the tile surfaces. you can choose to include different size pieces and completely different patterns too. This is where the accent tiles come in. Also hand painted tile is perfect as a point of interest in a project. Choose colors to brighten a room or to give a special theme.

Installing Bathroom Floor Tile

Bathroom floor tile is so practical. Tile works great in a high moisture location. But one of the main challenges in a bathroom is insuring you have a solid surface for the tile. You see all that water in a bathroom often results in damage to the subfloor. Install tile over a bouncy floor and the tile will crack. The best solution is often to install cement board as the first layer before the tile.

There are several other tricks to getting bathroom floor tile installed the right way. The best way to learn the tricks is to watch a tile installation done by a pro.