Installing Ceramic Tile - Fast Answers

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Custom Shower Pans Are Best Done One Of Just A Couple Of Ways

Let's say you have an odd-sized area where you wish to put in one of the custom shower pans. Or what if you take out a tub and want to install a tile shower and the drain location is not standard. Or ... you describe your situation. But you cannot find a standard shower pan to fit your situation. Maybe you just want something different, a different shape or size? Get more details at our tile shower article.

You have a few alternatives. You may be able to do some carpentry and change your spot to a standard size assuming you like that size. Or do the plumbing to move the drain. Of course if you're on a concrete slab that may mean some serious demolition work. None of those alternatives is free either.

Custom shower pans are available from most plumbing supply houses. These are acrylic or fiberglass shower pans. You can get most any layout you want. You'll get installation instructions and you or your tile setter can do the installation. Installation goes quickly and it's not too complicated. But, if you check, you'll find the custom shower pans aren't cheap and installation isn't cheap either.

The other alternative is the custom ceramic tile shower. Whatever shape or size shower you want you can get it. You can get all kinds of built-in features like seats, soap dishes, racks. Custom make it with tile colors, shapes, patterns, textures. And a ceramic tile shower has a look and feel not matched by fiberglass or plastic. Plus a ceramic tile shower should outlast a fiberglass shower by many years.

Get much more information at our tile shower article.

You can get a custom shower pan to solve your problem. A fiberglass pan is easier to install, but there will be little difference in the cost of a fiberglass shower pan and a ceramic tile shower.