Installing Ceramic Tile - Fast Answers

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Granite Tile Countertops

Granite tile countertops can be installed for about a third the cost of solid granite slabs. Get many of the advantages of solid granite for far less money.

Granite works particularly well in the kitchen because of the type of material it is. Granite is of course a natural stone, but it's a special type of stone.

It's what's called an igneous rock and as such it's not really affected by heat. That's why it's such a good choice for counter top surfaces. Hot pots and pans are not a problem.

Though it will stain and it will chip, it's more durable than some natural materials... marble for instance.

Granite is only fairly recently used in residential construction. It's so heavy that it usually was only used in businesses and government buildings. Taxpayers don't mind the cost, you know...

Granite slab counter tops are still very costly. Partly because the material requires much work to mine and prepare. The flat surface are ground and polished to get that look you know. The other factor is just the sheer weight and size makes working with slabs difficult and expensive.

An alternative is granite tile.

The tile is much more affordable. A finished tile counter top will only cost about a third what a solid slab counter costs.

Plus, a handy person could do it themselves just as if it were tile.

The only real difference in laying granite tile and ceramic tile is the cutting. Granite cannot be scored and broken. All cuts must be made with a tile wet saw and diamond blades.

One of your bigger decisions for granite counter tops is how the edges will be finished. Just as with tile, one of the more popular ways to finish edges is with wooden edging. The other edge method is to cut and fit granite to trim. That's a challenge because edges must be polished to match the main tiles.

Granite tile countertops are the much more affordable way to get the beauty and practicality of granite in your kitchen.