Installing Ceramic Tile - Fast Answers

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Installing Ceramic Wall Tile So It Stays Put

Begin with the walls if you're installing ceramic wall tile and floors. Prepare the surface for installing a ceramic tile wall by removing any attachments to the wall. Many surfaces will work just fine as a base for tile. You can tile over concrete, wood, cement backerboard, wall board, even ceramic tile. But the surface must be solid with no movement.

Laying Out Ceramic Wall Tile.

Mark a horizontal working line to get the first course level even if the floor isn't. The first course is usually near the floor or tub enclosure for a tub surround. Then mark a vertical line at the midpoint of the wall. Now lay out dry tiles to see how the tiles run out at the edges. Allow for grout lines. Then adjust the vertical line so the edge tiles are even. You don't want to cut a little narrow tile on the ends. These lines get you started right.

Setting Wall Tile.

Apply adhesive according to the directions on the container, applying with a trowel flat on one side and notched on the other. The second layer applied with notches gives just the right amount of adhesive. Set tiles firmly in place without sliding. Use spacers at the ends and sides to get the grout lines just right.

After several tiles are set, bed the tiles using a rubber mallet. Cut the tiles to fit at the ends of each row. Cut the tiles to fit at top and bottom. Or you may use a bull nose tile to finish off the top.

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