Installing Ceramic Tile - Fast Answers

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Shower Pan Installation The Easy Way - No Mud

Shower pan installation the traditional way got you puzzled? Don't feel like the Lone Ranger! Shower installers that have been at it for years argue about the right way to build a shower. That's why it's so hard to get straight answers. Get it wrong and you get a leaky shower. Don't forget about all that mold that comes with wet shower floors too.

Shower Pan Installation

See, a tile floor leaks. It just does. The mortar in the floor is not waterproof, neither is the tile itself. So a tile shower has to include a waterproof layer. You can't see that part. It's built into the floor. The trick is how to build up the layers of mortar and get the waterproof liner in so it doesn't leak. That's where all the arguing starts. Hardly anyone agrees on how to actually build the thing.

But what if there was a way that a do-it-yourself person could skip all the arguing and still build a shower pan that works for sure. Wouldn't you like to just skip the mud work, the part everybody argues about? Funny thing is, that's exactly what many pro tile setters are doing. Here's how...

There's a shower kit made by Schluter-Kerdi. Instead of struggling to figure out how to build up a multi-layer mortar base, you get a ready-made foam base and a waterproof shower pan ready for ceramic tile. That way you get a properly sloped floor, a guaranteed leak-proof base and you skip all the mud work. No mortar is required for the kit.

This is sold as a system that includes a special drain, a pre-formed sloped base, the pan itself and waterproofing membrane for the area above the shower.

Forget about all the conflicting ideas about mud floors. Don't risk a leaking shower or a moldy mess. Get the shower pan solution that many pros use, the Schluter-Kerdi Shower Pan Kit.

See how a shower pan installation can be completed fast and easy. Avoid the mud work and build a shower pan like many pros - the no mud way.