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How to Build a Shower Pan

(Plus Shower Floors and Walls)

 Video Review

Like to actually watch somebody build a ceramic tile shower who really knows what he's doing?  

I just watched a DVD, actually two of them, that you might be interessted in. Randy Davis is a professional tile setter in Mississippi. He's put together a series of videos showing everything about how to build a shower pan and then tile the walls and floor of the shower. Now this is no slick video from professional movie makers with professional actors. This is Randy talking you through every step of building two different ceramic tile showers.

These are actual jobs in people's houses with every step of the job caught on camera. There is no professional photgraphy either, just rough footage showing you exactly what it takes to build a tile shower. You're getting a real tile guy's perspective from how to get the mud texture right to Randy's single mud layer technique.   

Here's what you see on the video:

Every step of building a ceramic tile shower is shown and described in detail.